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 Amegakure Tool and Weapon Shop

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Ketsueki Kekkon
Ketsueki Kekkon

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PostSubject: Amegakure Tool and Weapon Shop   Amegakure Tool and Weapon Shop Icon_minitimeTue Oct 06, 2009 9:38 pm

Post your tools in your signature, that is the easiest way to keep track of your tools. When posting a custom weapon, use this format:

Weapon Type: (Katana, Giant Fan, Puppet etc.)
Weapon Name: ((If you want))
Element: ((Jounin+))
Two basic abilities, one offensive, one defensive, D rank and below to be used with your weapon ONLY if it has an element.
Durability: ((E.G Strong, Weak, Unbreakable etc.))

*Puppets only* Mechanisms, appearance, traps tools etc. The more it has, the more it costs, if you are not a puppet master, it will cost more and won't be as effective:

Tools and weapons already approved:
Shuriken: 5 Ryo a piece
Kunai: 10 Ryo a piece
Explosive Notes: 20 Ryo a piece
Ninja Wire: 15 Ryo per foot
Blank Scroll: 50 Ryo a piece
Health Pill: 300 Ryo a piece
((Restores 200 health))
Chakra Pill: 350 Ryo a piece
((Restores 300 Chakra))
Demon Windmill Shuriken: 500 Ryo a piece
Weak Katana: 1000 Ryo
Small Wind Fan: 5000 Ryo
((Needed for wind jutsu that require a tool))
Crow Puppet: 10000 Ryo
Medium Size Ninja Pouch: 5000 Ryo
((Adds 10 Capacity for Shuriken through Notes, an extra 50 feet in wire, 5 pills of each kind extra, 1 more windmills shuriken, and 5 more Scrolls.))
Large Ninja Pouch: 10000 Ryo
((Adds 15 Capacity for Shuriken through notes, and extra 50 feet in wire, 7 pills of each kind extra, and one more windmills shuriken and 10 more scrolls))
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Amegakure Tool and Weapon Shop
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