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 Hokages Office

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Sasru Uchiha

Sasru Uchiha

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PostSubject: Hokages Office   Hokages Office Icon_minitimeMon Oct 26, 2009 7:39 am

(Ketsueki, this is where you will come to speak to me about the scrolls when the plot continues)
Sasru was standing in his office, he had just finished trying on his new ninja gear. He change his ninja to give himself more freedom of movement, his new ninja was black, he had a sleeveless shirt with a sliver under garment, he now wore two black arm protectors and wore a blood red starf around his neck and another around his waist. He had just got back from his journey to the sand village and started to think about the curse marks, he knew that his great granfather had a curse mark but turnt to the dark side becuase of it. Sasru thought if he could control the dark chakra and master a curse mark of his own he would become more powerful. He sat dwon at his desk thinking this over was really about to accept a curse mark like the kazekage did. Sasru would just sit there and twirl his sword around and maul this over and wait for Ketsueki's arrival. He knew that the villagers would not like him here so he had the anbu look out for and sneek him into the village and get to the office without being noticed, it just a matter of time until he would arrive.
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Hokages Office
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