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 [Hidden Leaf] Limara Misaku

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PostSubject: [Hidden Leaf] Limara Misaku   [Hidden Leaf] Limara Misaku Icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 10:44 am

Name: Limara Misaku

Bloodline/Clan: Misaku

Kekkai Genkai: Teleportation (Similar to Minato's - NOT YET PERFECTED)

Age: 17

Element: Water, Lightning

Village: Hidden Leaf (Konoha)

Rank: Chunin Tactician

Ninja Type:
Main: Genjutsu - Expert
Main: Ninjutsu- Just above Average
Sub: Taijutsu- Below Average

Appearance: [Female] Long blonde hair falls past her shoulder, Piercing purple eyes, small jawline, a small scar runs down her left eye, quite tall - about 6''2. Her skin is pale and she wears her headband around her arm (Tied firmly) She has no makeup on whatsoever and is usually seen wearing light chainmail (Which she has fashioned herself for style AND protection) and gauntlets (These are slightly rusted and are noticably 'out of shape') Her body is athletic and in good shape. (One of her fingers appears broken on her left hand - but that hand is wrapped in cloth similar to 'Rock Lee'). Her nose is rather sharp and her senses are very keen. A black rose is pinned into her hair.

Personality: Limara is a chilled-out, young girl that is usually found laying around the village where the crowds are not to populated (Dont think of her as being a lazy). If she isnt laying around - she is probably training outside the leaf village. She passed the Chunin exams with flying colours last year using her incredible ability of being able to combine her intelligence with her surroundings and force her opponents into submission. She is very patient. She is also very nice towards the people she likes and helps them out whenever possible, so having her as a friend/companion is a good option. On the other hand, having her as an enemy is a BAD idea. Whenever it comes to combat she is very confident in her own skills AND her companions skills aswell. She is reliable and always likes a bit of competition between friends. She favours in Stealthy missions rather than all out wars/combat. Her hobbies include - Training, reading, chilling out, sports and setting out on missions whenever possible. Her current record of ranked missions is:

S Rank - 0 Completed (Obviously)
A Rank - 20 Completed/ 4 Failed
B Rank - 39 Completed/ 0 Failed
C Rank - 56 Completed/ 0 Failed
D Rank - 103 Completed/ 0 Failed

Character Background: (TO BE UPDATED SOON) Sorry, I dont have much time left.

RP Sample (Descriptive Writing): Amongst the maze-like forests of the land, deep within it generations and generations of trees, bushes and various greenery which grow freely across the area, there are paths made across the forests leading to small lakes or some areas look as if man has trodden upon it's ground, although other parts are perfectly untainted by the presence of human kind, nature ruling the place as always as vines move unstoppable across the treetops and greenery to overcome the area, making even the tallest trees somewhat hidden by the lush green mosses and ivy, climbing up it's branches to try and intake if but a little sunlight which pours generously across the area, feeding the plants and trees alike with it's warm rays. The rich soil which lies upon the ground is a form of foundation for the trees which make Fire Country famous, it being host to the nutrients, water and minerals which assure the healthy and prosperous life of the trees and flora.
Along the area, various rivers flow freely along the earth, rocks and flat stones being hidden beneath the clear waters, housing fish which can be seen swimming happily along the waters, as well as toads and frogs which lazily soak in the crystaline water and sunbathe upon some of the rocks, both having sunlight fall upon them, but also enjoying the cool atmosphere which emits around the waters edge.

Despite the beautiful sights one might find inside the forests of Konohagakure, to people who are unfamiliar with how to get to the village, the forests can be exeedingly cruel. Despite the fact that the sky is somewhat visible through the many branches of trees which crawl to the sky, the forest-like border around Konohagakure is a never-ending maze, and for the unlearned it can prove both dangerous and tricky to navigate around, having no signs pointing to the village of course. The trees and forestry prove as a key security defense to Konohagakure if thought in a certain way, it hiding the village from sight of enemies and allies alike.
To enter the village one must of course pass through Rukongai, the city ran by savages tamed somewhat by the Godaime Ichijin Hyuuga. The citizens of this place if approached by violent means or enemies to Leaf will not hestitate to take action.

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[Hidden Leaf] Limara Misaku
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