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 You have hit the passion?

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You have hit the passion? Empty
PostSubject: You have hit the passion?   You have hit the passion? Icon_minitimeTue Aug 10, 2010 1:49 am

Psychologists to a hungry crocodile and some fish on both ends of the aquatic animals box with transparent glass, ward off.
Just began, crocodile hesitation to attack the fish, it failed, but it is not discouraged, Then again, it started to fish the tenth more fiercely attack, it failed again, and suffered serious injuries, It will attack, the thirteenth and fourteenth times... Multiple attacks, it no longer attack after a hopeless.
This time, psychologists baffle, crocodile has no longer attack fish. It still looked at the fish in hopeless unnoticed leisurely swims to swim, it gave up all the efforts.
Truth: unfortunately, like the crocodile, many of us are in many setbacks, and failure, after losing the fighting. Passion and dream dead, dead rest only dark eyes and sad sigh, helpless, helpless and weak.
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You have hit the passion?
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