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 So You Think You Know about ... FASHION?

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So You Think You Know about ... FASHION?  Empty
PostSubject: So You Think You Know about ... FASHION?    So You Think You Know about ... FASHION?  Icon_minitimeTue Sep 14, 2010 10:01 pm

So You Think You Know about ... FASHION?
Fashions change year after year so lots of people can make piles of money. If folks are convinced that they need a different look each season, that this year's sweater's length and shoes style are important, they can be persuaded to buy buy buy. The fashion industry would have you ignore your shortcomings and just make you feel beautiful and happy. In fact it is not only a phenomenon we can find in people's dressing.
So you like fashion(NHL) ...
you wear fashion(Montreal Canadiens #76 PK Subban Red) ...
you read fashion(Montreal Canadiens) ...
you watch fashion(Olympic Team Canada) ...
you listen to fashion(Washington Capitals) ...
you even EAT fashion(NFL)! ...
but what do you really know about it?(New York Giants)
Try to answer the following questions before you claim that you are an expert infashion.   
1. Why do many women wear red lipstick?   
2. Why do many men have short hair or shaved heads?   
3. What are the four fashion capitals of the world?
4. Why do models walk up and down in a fashion show?
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So You Think You Know about ... FASHION?
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