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 Mission Guidelines/Money/Kage Duties

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Ketsueki Kekkon
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PostSubject: Mission Guidelines/Money/Kage Duties   Mission Guidelines/Money/Kage Duties Icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 7:35 pm

Of course, Missions will have a reward at the end, this reward will be money. The guidelines are as follows:

D Rank Mission -> 1k-4k
C Rank Mission -> 5k-9k
B Rank Mission -> 10k-14k
A rank Mission -> 15k-19k
S rank Mission -> 20k-30k

Villages will recieve 150K every Sunday to distribute through missions and the like.

Kage's receive 20K a week every monday.

Money can be donated to the Village's bank should the ninja deem it neccesary, if there is an overload of missions, taxing can be put into play, depending on how much missions are being assigned. The rate is up to the Kage.

Once completing a mission, PM an Admin to increase your funds by the appropriate amount, PMing the link of the completed mission, they will increase your funds by an appropriate amount by difficulty of mission, quality of Rp and other factors, such as how quickly you completed it.

Kage's have the role of giving missions, of any rank to any ninja taht asks for one. Obviously Kage's shouldn't be sending genin's on say, B or A ranked missions unless they can take it of course. Kage's will RP the mission as the NPC's and/or enemies. S rank missions are to be PvP (Player versus Player) only.
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Mission Guidelines/Money/Kage Duties
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