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 Rioken Nara

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PostSubject: Rioken Nara   Rioken Nara Icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 12:00 pm

Name: Rioken Nara

Bloodline/Clan: Shadow Manipulation, the Nara clan.

Kekkai Genkai: Shadow Manipulation for Nara

Age: 26

Element: Lightning and Water

Village: Konohagakure no Sato

Rank: Jounin

Ninja Type: Ninjutsu Specialist


Personality: He's not a mad jounin, he actually wants to be everyones friend. He believes that enemies shouldnt exist, that the world's people should all become friends. Rioken has no enemies, he actually tries to make friends with the enemy but if the enemy pushes him to far, rioken brings an all out war. when he's fighting he tries all that he can to protect his team and himself. when others hang around Rioken they say he's a very sociable and a very helpfull person.He is not that very strict to rules as he has never broken one. He believes Rules shouldn't always be followed when in danger of it to be broken. Even though he was raised in a family where his granfather is a walking rulebook, he learns to be respectful and helpful at all times. He's sometimes a free spirit where he just lies back and does school work if possible

~Life before Academy arc~
when Rioken was born on April 28,1996 he looked as if He was very happy. He grew up a very nice boy and a very nice friend. at the age of 1 Rioken's grandfather gave him a shuriken to practice with, although Rioken's mom and dad were a little upset and that’s when Rioken threw his shuriken and struck against his house wall. They all laughed as it was the first time Rioken ever threw his shuriken. As years passed on he learned the basic's of being a ninja and became very friendly with people he met while playing outside his house. But when Rioken was 8 he was an expert at throwing kunai's and shuriken's and also hand to hand combat, when his grandfather asked him about jutsu's Rioken had no idea what his grandfather was talking about. Rioken would love to walk around his village and meet new people. He is very helpful and very friendly as he began to get older. After Two months of training with Shuriken’s and kunai’s and throwing them into trees in the backyard, Rioken learned everything there is about weapons, you could say he was a weapons expert, That’s what he wanted to become as he was growing up. After the training, he still didn’t join the Academy as he didn’t want it to become a burden with his weapons expertise. His mother and father both discussed the he indeed had very good weapons skills, but he needs to learn how to defend himself and become a ninja like his father. Rioken denied after his parents both decided he needed to go into the academy. When it was almost 10 years old he had an awful experience in life, he experienced a death of a close one. That day was a tragic day as Rioken’s father died Trying to save his wife when mysteriously two missing ninjas appeared in front of his house and knocked rapidly and rough on his front door. Rioken was scared as all he could do was hide under his parents bed, unprotecting his parents. When the ruckus was over Rioken got out from under the bed slowly and walked to the kitchen as where that is where all the ruckus went on. He found a lot of blood as his mother was lying on the flor with many cuts on her body. Rioken was paralyzed as all he could do was nothing. He then went and ran next to his mothers position as he asked his mother what had happened. His mother was having a hard time as Rio quickly called some medical ninjas to come to help. He visited his mother at the hospital as the ANBU black ops were investigating the crime scene. Rio only slept with his mother at the hospital, The next day he asked his mother what had happened to father, his mom hesitated and stuttered when she said that his father died in action. Rioken couldn’t believe what she said as he started crying when he heard the awful news. He dried up his tears from his face and had a serious face on when he said that he was going to be a ninja. His mother was both surprised and somehow happy as she said why. Rio said that he wanted to be a ninja to protect his mother and his friends, even though weaponing was his life , he would give that up and learn how to protect a fellow ninja and a family member. After several weeks being in the hospital, The ANBU black ops found the two missing ninjas and were arrested immediately and now Rioken lives alone with his mother. Rio was going to start the Academy the next day. All he could think of was being a great ninja and protecting his love ones. The next day came as he happily arose from his bed. He went outside and ran to the Academy only to be astounded by its size. Rioken was happy that day as he was starting his first day of the Academy.
~Academy arc~
Now Rioken wasn't the top dog in his class but he did manage an awesome grade in his fighting, and his clone jutsus. he made many friend's at the academy and trained real hard after school sometimes. At the Academy, he learned amazing stuff and even made new friends. He was the best Academy student in his weapons class as he would throw a kunai and hit the target with extreme accuracy. His teachers were impressed at his skills with kunai’s and shuriken’s, But Rioken wasn’t smart at his ninja skills as he had very little Chakra control, but that didn’t stop him. Everyday he would go in his backyard and train three jutsus required to master at the academy. His clone jutsus were good, but the clones would look like some strange creatures, He kept on training this and other jutsus such as, The transformation t jutsu where he would transform as his mother for training, then there was the replacement jutsu where he would turn himself into a log after being hit. He was training these three jutsus and was mastering them everyday .There were times that he failed some tests and failed to complete various types of jutsus.At the academy he always requested to be seated in the front, his teachers saw potential in him as he would never give up on anything, even if he had no chance of completing it. His academy years were his best years of his life, he finally understood why his parents decided to put him in the academy. At his final test, Rio was nervous as he met his judges, who were His academy teacher, jutsu specialist teacher, and the person who ran the academy. They were all eyeing Rio as he needed to perform 3 jutsus. His weapons master came in and gave his report to the owner and teacher, the were impressed by the results as he passed the first part of the final exam. The second part was to complete three jutsus. Is academy teacher asked him to perform a transformation jutsu. Rio wasn’t nervous as he had completed this jutsu several times, He made the required handsigns as he transformed into his academy teacher, his academy teacher stood next to Rio as the owner and jutsu specialist teacher both observed at how similar they both looked. Both the owner and the jutsu specialist teacher both nodded as they decided that he moved on to the next jutsu. He performed the replacement jutsu and was replaced by a log. The teachers looked at each other and wrote down his score. Rioken proceeded to his final and most important jutsu. He performed the hand signs and created a similar looking clone. Astounded, the teachers gave a round of applause to Rio as he passed the academy. He went home to give the announcement to his mother, he walked in and went in his mothers room. He woke her up and said that he was now a genin and pointed to his headband. He also said that he would have his ceremony in two days.
~Genin arc~
When the academy ceremony finished, he was picked a team, Team 6. He learned responsibility and maturity as he lead his team to complete missions. He was also fun to hang out with as he wasn’t a strict leader, he learned to get a long with his fellow genin and helped them in training. He taught his friends some techniques and secrets about weapons as he himself was a weapon expert. He made many friends including all the jounin teachers. His name was heard all over the village as he was a great person. His jounin teacher believed him with all he had, he though Rioken had potential. He was trained by his jounin teacher and learned his Change in chakra nature, He learned that he had the element ‘Water” in his bloodline. Rioken didn’t know any clan jutsus as his father never taught him. It just so happened that his teacher was also a fellow Nara member, and he decided to teach Rio some clan jutsus. Being a genin was Rioken’s favorite phase of life. Currently Rioken is meeting people and helping people. He is also training to become a Chuunin. Four months past and all Rio was doing was training his Weaponry and his ninjutsu. Rioken was now a master at his clan jutsus and some water jutsus, he was an accurate person. His sensei would put up some target for target practice, Rio would always get every target right on the dot. His sensei believed in him just like every other sensei believes in their student. His genin team were among the greatest team, they went on many B-Ranked jutsus that featured very dangerous ninjas and even Akatsuki members. Damage was done in the past, as Rioken lost his mother to the same ninjas that robbed his house a few years ago, Rio wanted revenge. He talked over with his sensei, He refused to let Rio accomplish revenge on the enemy, he said that it will lead to evil. Rioken thought his sensei was right, so he did his best not to kill the murderers. Rioken had to move with his sensei to be taken care of, of course he didn’t want to be a burden to his sensei, so he maintained himself with his personal stuff and equipment. Rioken’s Sensei had a wife and two kids living with him, his sensei was taking a walk to his backyard and found Rio training on his genjutsu. Zion was Rio’s sensei’s name. He went up to Rioken and confessed to him that he was his brother, a shocking moment. Rioken wanted answers to so many questions, Zion laughed at his little brother with his excitement. Zion had told Rio that he left the house after Rio were born due to the a civil war taking place in the fire country . He left to protect the village, he came back 10 years later and was promoted to Jounin, Rio was a Genin at that moment. Tuesday, April 23, 1998, Was Riokens birthday. He celebrated his birthday at his brothers house and turned 13, e announced to his brothers and his relatives that he will be joining the Chuunin exams this year. Everyone was amused and astounded. His brother, that same day, went to the Hokages office and voted for his geninteam to join the Chuunin exams this year. The hokage accepted the approval and opened the Chuunin exams Four days after.

~Chuunin Exam and Chuunin arc~
when rioken joined the chuunin exams he found the competition very tough as there were an insanely amount of genin's from around the world. in the first part of the exam he knew most of the answers, but at the end he was frightened when the chuunin teacher said 'if you fail you are never to be allowed in here again, you got that you brats!' quickly Rioken feared less as he knew he got most of the answers right, but he stayed and later found out staying was they key to first part of the exam and he was really shocked. the second part he would lead his team to get to the tower, Rioken's teammates hated each other and it was up to Rioken to make them friends again. his plan worked and got to the tower 3rd and both of rioken's teammates were friends again. in the third part Rioken made it into the final round as he was very strong and very well trained. his final opponent was tough and they clashed on forever, that's when rioken lost the battle but the hokage saw he had great potential and passed the chuunin exams to become a chuunin with many other ninjas. there he would lead his team in missions and help them with injuries and more stuff. but then a tragic day for rioken happened. all chuunin's were on a mission to stop a massacre near konoha. the massacre was really strong and he took on all of us. most of the chuunin's died and the only ones left were him and another chuunin. the massacre was no where near to collapse or breathe hard for air he just stood there waiting to attack. the other chuunin went for an attak but was quickly killed and thrown to the side. Rioken was the last one. thats when his practice and training payed off. the massacre attack rioken but rioken used lightning armor which would hurt an attacker if he dared to attack. the lighting attack the massacre and was paralyzed Rioken then used his lightning ball, which was a pretty huge ball, and hurt the massacre and killed him. Rioken picked up his fellow chuunins and brought them to the konoha gate where many jounins and medic's picked them up and immediately brought them to the hospital. Rioken was also brought to the hospital as he was also hurt. as soon as all the chuunin's were healed and one was brought back to life,. Two months after the massacre, Rioken now had a team and he was the leader. He was the first Chuunin Team Leader in that year. Wednesday April 23rd, 2001, Rioken turned 18. He went to his brothers house and announced that massacre issue and that he turned into a Chuunin and now leads a team. His brother was very happy as he was on a very important mission for the past 2 years. He was coming back in 5 days and Rio couldn’t wait for his arrival. One day, Rioken was training his genin team on several jutsus, then a few ANBU members arrived in his location and asked him to come with them. Rio felt suspicious as he was worried and wanted to know what it was about. Rio and the Anbu members entered the administrative building where the hokage lived. The Anbu members told Rio to enter the hokages room. Nervously, he opened the door and stepped in, the hokage was staring out the window. They had a long discussion about Rio becoming a Jounin, He really wanted to accept it but he had to do a mission. He looked at the mission file he received and looked at the ninjas he had to kill, He was astounded and shocked, as he found out that the ninjas were the murderers that killed his parents. This time, Rioken wanted to kill them badly. He accepted the mission. A few days later the mission was a complete success and Rioken returned with a few bruises and scratches. The hokage promoted him to Jounin, a Very happy day for Rioken.

~Jounin arc~
Rioken loved being a Jounin, he helped many people and killed many evil ninjas. He had a normal every day life, A lot of missions were successful in his Jounin life. Thursday April 23rd 2009, Rioken Turned 26. He was mature and very powerful , he also found his second element in change in chakra nature. Lightning and Water were Rioken’s Elements. After Zion left for his mission a few years ago, Rio had never seen him, since that day he has been waiting. Rioken was visited by a few Anbu members, They escorted him to the hokages office. Once Rio got inside he noticed the Hokage changed, entirely. The Hokage turned around slowly and Rio couldn’t believe who it was. His brother Zion was wearing the Hokage hat. Rioken thought it was a joke, but it was as real as it could get. His brother announced that he became Hokage after Rio had left with his team for a mission. Zion dismissed Rio after a chat with him. After the chat, Rioken lived a good life and is still is, He was doing his job everyday and meeting new people. His Jounin days were going fast, He would be helping Chuunins and Genins learn their elements. It just so happens that in his Genin Team, He has a Nara Clan member named Lax. Lax was a very brave child indeed, He reminded Rio of Himself. Lax was always trying to be a top dog, he wanted revenge for the death of his brother and that’s when Rioken started talking to him. Rioken invited Lax to a ramen bar, They both talked about their pasts, Lax really wanted power and revenge but Rioken told him that it will only lead to death. Lax didn’t want to help Konoha in any way, until he heard Rio’s side of the story, Rioken told Lax about the death of his father and trying to be a great ninja to protect his mother, until a few years later, his mother died. Rio told him how much he wanted power and revenge, But he had heard from his brother that it will only lead to death. Lax’s mind changed and wanted to help Konoha in anyway. They both were bonding. That same day, Rioken was visited by his brothers Anbu team, Only four members came this time. They escorted Rioken to his brothers office, or better known as the Hokage room. His Brother told Rio if he wanted to join the Anbu Black ops, Rio accepted it immediately but then said to have a great Jounin assigned to his Genin squad. He grabbed his new Anbu mask and put it on.

RP Sample: Z. wanted to train his power's. He appeared in The training ground's and wanted to train. Z. looked at the sky and then to the ground. He looked to see how far the training ground was since he was gonna use a lot of reatsu. Z. closed his eye's and took out his zanpakuto "Come out" he said as 2 clones appeared out of his zanpakuto and were ready to fight. Z. turned around and said "I need you guy's to go as hard as you can, since you are a part of me you will surely be strong, and since there's 2 of you, i will be having a hard time aswell" Z. said. as he got into fighting position "You may attack at any...." Z. was interupted as one clone appeared 6 feet above Z.'s head and was about to attack with his zanpakuto. Z. quickly moved away but the other clone used shunpo to appear infront of Z. who was having a hard time controlling his feet. the clone struck his sword but Z. managed to dodge although he flew back a couple of yards. Z. got up seeing both clone's side by side atleast 10 yard's away from him, The training ground's were clear of no tree's just dirt and grass. Z. rested his zanpakuto on his shoulder's and waited for mhis clone's to attack. Z. Closed his eye's and thought of a plan . he began to talk "I'll just wait for...." Z. was again interupted but he saw it coming. the clone was again behind hm but Z. was already behind the clone and struck him with his zanpakuto. No harm was done as the clone flew back. but Z.'s plan wasn't done. the clone was getting weaker by the second as Z.'s zanpakuto's threads on the hilt were a reatsu eater. the clone was dying and therefore Z. only payed attention to his other clone "Show them the way, Realtu" Z.'s Zanpakuto turned into a huge black and gray mace. Z. shunpo'd behind the sickened clone and smashed him with his mace, water bursted out of the clone. the other clone shunpo'd away and also released his sword. Z. shunpo'd in the air and used "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!, Way of Destruction #31, Shot of red fire after he shot that he also shot a water cannon bigger then the red shot out from his mace. the clone quickly moved but Z. saw that coming. Z. shunpo'd behind his clone used his hilt's threads to hit the clone. the clone was now dying, then Z. smashed him into the position where the red shot and water cannon were going. the clone planned on moving but Z. used "Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!, Way of Binding #61, Six Rods Prison Light" the clone could not move a single muscle. the shot of red fire and the water cannon shot both hit the clone with massive strength and reatsu. Z. looked at the explosion when he thought "My training is over, next time I'll use 10 clone's" as he walked away going to do his report.Z. came back once more, but this time he wanted to train on his bankai. Z. wanted to try his bankai out. "Hmm, WIll 10 clone's be enough to hold back my bankai?" "Well i guess we'll just have to see" Z. said as he Released 10 clone's from his zanpakuto "Come Out". Z.'s Clone looked serious as they were shocked Captain Z. was gonna try his bankai out. the clone's got into fighting position and waited for Z. to Unleash his bankai. the clone's were impatient and they all attacked right at Z. "Show them the way, Realtu!" Z.'s zanpakuto transformed into a black and gray long mace which he used to smash all the 10 clone's 26 yards away. the clone's got up quickly and Z. Did not waste any time "Ban-Kai!" he shouted as massive amount of reatsu bursted out of Z. and he quickly grew 5 arms and 5 swords that were each of a different element. the clones were not amazed as they just ran and used shunpo to get closer to Z. but Z. still did not move a muscle as his appearance did not change when he released his bankai. one clone was going to attack by the back as Z. quickly swung his darkness type sword that did not make a cut to the clone, for more then a minute the clone was in a coma, and was destroying himself inside his mind, thats what the darkness sword does. Z. swung his Ground type sword up in the air and the ground grew a giant hand that came up and grabbed 4 clone's. Z. quickly used his Wind type sword to make an attack known as wind blade where slashes of wind go directly at the enemy, the ground type sword and the wind type sword act together. the blade's quickly destroyed the 4 clone's and Z. quickly looked at the clone with a coma and Z. used his water blade which was his primary zanpakuto and used a giant water cannon almost 5 times as big as his normal water cannon shot. the shot killed the clone and now there was only 5 clones left. they all jumped and went for an attack on all sides, but Z. used his fire sword and did a fire slice attack, which fire bursted out of all of Z.'s side's. 2 clones were killed and 3 injured were left. Z. was going to fuse all of his swords together and make an elemental attack. Z. threw all of his swords in the air and they all formed an elemental sword which can fire every element at once. Z. made a quick slash and a huge white glowing ball which was 17 times as big as Z.'s water cannon shot, and inside the ball you can see every element swinging around. the ball made contact with the 3 clones and the ball made a huge explosion which made a giant hole 300 yards wide and long. Z. knee'd down breathing hard and keeping one eye closed as he got up slowly "My bankai is strong, but not strong enough" Z. thought as he used shunpo and disappeared
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Approved but you only start with one element
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Rioken Nara
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