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 Kemono's Character

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Kemono Uchiha

Kemono Uchiha

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PostSubject: Kemono's Character   Kemono's Character Icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 6:41 pm

Name:Kemono Uchiha


Kekkai Genkai:Sharingan





Ninja Type:Taijutsu specialist but is adept with ninjutsu and genjutsu also

Appearance: Avatar

Personality: kemono is a social friendly and nice person he doesn't like it when people mess with his friends and he wont kill if un necessary but he will smash and beat to a bloody pulp if you annoy him.he hates being bored but he usually isnt bored but when it happens if it happens he hates it beyong human understanding or comprehension.

he like to joke also. he will die for his friends or villagers.he does not fear death nor pain,He will not let you annoy him with out a fight.He loves to fight and he also loves to train just as much.He loves it to such a level that he is somewhat obsessed with training,He wants to reach jounin so badly that it is insane.but he gets stronger this way.

Background: Academy Arc.Kemono always wanted to be a ninja and join the academy,he wanted to ever since he knew it existed his father was a shinobi and a good one too.kemono wanted to follow in his father footsteps until the day when his father became a missing ninja and betrayed the what he wants is to reach a level of strength so that he can hunt down his father and convince him to join the village and be good once again.He trained so much and so hard it became like an obsession and he was so good that he was the best in the class.everyone knew it and nobody cared.They felt bad for him knowing that his father betrayed the village and they joked with him about it saying that he was going to do the same thing and he beat them to a pulp for it.he hated when they joked like that.

Genin Arc.From the academy he was the best in the class and he was so skilled that he graduated form the academy at the low age of 10.He was like a prodigy but all the Uchiha's were strong.but when he came out of the academy he then started the true hard training.He started to become a strong shinobi training lightning jutsu.He was becoming stronger and stronger each day and every day was one step closer to his father.Then after years of training he decided to join the hardest exams of his entire life...The Chuunin Exams.Then he did all three exams he did bad at the written exams and got very bored and hated it.the second exam he enjoyed and did was difficult but he did it.then the third exams was the fights he beat the first opponent easy and then the second one took all of his strength.he defeated him and was named chuunin.Then he trained as a chuunin for a month and he is where he is now.

RP Sample: kemono walks into a long grassy field with steel armored chest plate steel leggings, and steel boots that they are specially made so they would not restrict movement. Than he sees the missing ninja wearing padded armor with a hood and robe on top of his armor,and he also has two giant shuriken.Than the missing ninja starts sprinting at kemono and kemono sprints backwards jumping and hes thinking of something to do and than suddenly the missing ninja pulls out a giant shuriken and throws it to the side and it curves and kemono trys to dodge it and jumps up and it slices him in the chest and he falls down and than kemono gets up and sprints at the missing ninja and trys to paralyze him and than he jumps back and hits his hand and than kemono goes into gentle fist style and turns on Byakugan so he can see the opponents chakra points .then he starts to attack his opponents chakara points and he lets out burst of chakara with each hit turning off a chakara point every time he makes contact.this cuts off some of his chakara circulation and then he quickly pulls back hit right and and holds him in place with his left hand then he delivers a devastating palm strike with his right hand to the opponents sternum knocking him down and out.
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PostSubject: Re: Kemono's Character   Kemono's Character Icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 6:42 pm

Approved Ketsueki will do your stats then you can start palying
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Kemono's Character
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