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 Best Videogame songs ever

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Ketsueki Kekkon
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PostSubject: Best Videogame songs ever   Best Videogame songs ever Icon_minitimeWed Sep 16, 2009 9:01 pm

Post your favourite Videogame songs ever! openings are not, post them here!

Final Fantasy X
Song: Other World by Nobuo Uemetsu (From the BlackMages)

Kingdom Hearts 2
Song: The Other Promise

Kingdom Herats 2
Song: Nigh of Fate
Makes me want to destroy heartless....

Final Fantasy X
Song: Seymour Battle (Fourth)

Final Fantasy VIII
Song: The man with the Machine gun
First Final Fantasy I ever played, I was like, 8 (see how that ties in? Eh? Eh?) and i owned! I loved it!

Star Ocean Three
Song; The incarnation of Devil

I love the star ocean games....

Final Fantasy VIII
Song:The Extreme

Someone get me a download link to this song... I will reward you with my eternal soul.... Damn. I love Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy V
Song: Clash on the Big Bridge

One of my least fav FF games, good song nonetheless

Yeah, I put a lot here... And I have more, I'll save em for later xD
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Best Videogame songs ever
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