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 Mizukage's Office

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Kisio Saiken

Kisio Saiken

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PostSubject: Mizukage's Office   Mizukage's Office Icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2009 9:13 am

Kisio Saiken, the 8th Mizukage, become his work in his office. he was busy filling out reports, paperwork, and mission files that is filled with constant pleas from foreign countries. Ever since the 4th Great Ninja World War has ended, Kisio has been thinking of the title "Mizukage". HE has now reached that goal and alot of responsibility is embedded within him, not the type of leadership Kisio was best suited for. He smiled and reassured himself that he's now a member of the Five Great Nations, that had always cheered him up. He then took a big breath, and lowered his head, contuining with his work.

Now the current Mizukage is up to something extraordinary. He plans to restore the way people graduate from the Academy as a free-for-all deathmatch! But in order to keep the happiness of people, Lord Mizukage assured that the top 6 survivors, regardless of grades or talent, would promote to Genin. As even inside the weak and poor shinboi of Kirigakure's Academy, once the melee graduation exam begins, he'll seek out true killer instinct and that's what all shinboi of Kirigakure is hammered into them: Murderous Intent. They all have to will to fight on and risk their lives for the village, to brutally and forcefully slaughter everyone even their own comrades, to withstand gruesome tasks and crush all of those in their way. In just three years, the Hidden Mist Village regained its title as the "Village Hidden in the Bloody Mist".

Happy to know that he's leading a very elite country, even during these times of peace and luxury, where money and raising prodigies were no longer a concern to the shinobi villages, the Renaissance was truly helpful in massively increasing the economy. Finishing filling out a D-rank mission plea, he grew bored and awaited for someone to enter through that door and ask for a mission....
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Mizukage's Office
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