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 Ketsueki Kekkon

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Ketsueki Kekkon
Ketsueki Kekkon

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PostSubject: Ketsueki Kekkon   Ketsueki Kekkon Icon_minitimeSat Sep 05, 2009 5:34 pm

Name: Kekkon, Ketsueki
Bloodline/Clan: Iron Sand
Kekkai Genkai: Sand Manipulation
Age: 17
Rank: S Rank Missing Nin
Village: Ex-Suna
Element: Earth
Ninja Type: Ninjutsu/Chakra Control.
Nickname: Blood Sand Demon

Appearance: Avatar.

Personality: Ketsueki is cold, heartless. He hates almost anyone and will kill anyone who gets in his way. However, he knows when to restrain himself and can tell friend from foe. He doesn't show his emotions often, usually replying with short phrases or grunts, Not caring about the reaction he gets from others. He occasionally shows a nicer side, but only to those he trusts with his life.

Background: Ketsueki is a long descendant of Gaara, when Gaara died, others began to unlock his powers of Sand Manipulation, Ketsueki being the son of one pair, now both dead after a war. He lived alone, hating those who sent his parents to fight, getting themselves killed. He suffered from Blood Lust, wanting to kill those who made fun of him or didn't like him. He lived a life of misery for a while, being an Academy Student, he failed many many times, not having the enthusiam or determination to pass the exams.

The one day, Ketsueki stopped feeling sorry for himself, and decided to do his best, he could get revenge on the ones who killed his parents if he became stronger. He passed with flying colours, showing great strategic and defensive skills. However, he was still mean to everyone, and he was avoided. He didn't care as long as he got stronger. Ketsueki soon became Genin, but had no squad. No one would be with him, no one liked him. And now he works alone, completing missions without a Chunin Sensei to guide him. Soon enough, he was recognized as an amazing shinobi with exceptional talent, and was entered into the Chunin Exams on his first year of becoming a Genin, acting alone without a team. It was held in Konoha that year, and Ketsueki travelled alone. People made the mistake of attacking a "small child" and died. Ketsueki laughed as he killed those who attacked him.

Upon reaching the Chunin Exams, he passed the written test without cheating, shoing his amazing intelligence. Then, forest of death came, and people decided that since he was alone, he was easy pickings. Wrong. Ketsueki killed five people in the exam, all because of their foolishness. He had many scrolls and taunted others for being so weak. The finals approached and it was time for Ketsueki to prove his worth in a real fight. His strategy and power got him through to the end, and saw him promoted to chunin.

Ketsueki became a Chunin proctor not long after becoming a Chunin, and he was a harsh sensei. He worked his students to the bone, telling them if they weren't perfect, he'd kill them. He killed two of them, one escaping by a hair. Ketsueki was scolded at this point, and feared. He soon became hated by all, but nevertheless, he was an outstanding Ninja, one that needed to feared. He was promoted to Jonin two years later, at sixteen years old, proving just how powerful he could be.

Betraying scum. This is what others thought about Ketsueki when he left Sunagakure, they should have seen it coming. One night, Ketsueki decided he was done taking orders from cowards, and set out to kill the Kazekage. As he moved, gaining attention of every ninja in Sunagakure, and killing them, the Kazekage faced Ketsueki himself. Ketsueki taunted the Kazekage, calling him a coward who hides behind others, and that Ketsueki should be the one to lead Sunagakure and dominate all the other insignificant countries. After a strenous battle, Ketsueki killed the Kazekage. He laughed and spat at the dead body, leaving it in the streets in the middle of the night for others to mourn over the death of their leader. He wouldn't be accepted as leader of Suna so Ketsueki left, brandishing the name of a Missing-ninja.

Roleplay sample: The night sky gleamed a deathly red, the blood of those fallen glowing in the moonlight. One man was standing in the middle of a street, a sickly, deathly smile set upon his lips. It was the now traitor of Sunagakure Ketsueki Kekkon. Blood Sand Demon. Another came straight at him. A Genin. He was scared, Ketsueki saw that, it made his death all the more sweeter. Sand mixed with the scent of blood churned upwards and engulfed the poor Genin. He was crushed within seconds, his screams nullified by the sand filling hisl ungs. The sand burst out, tearing a gaping hole in the young boys chest. Ketsueki laughed, enjoying the sickly scent of the dead.

"More...." He churned, taking one step forward, left foot, right foot... left, right foot... he took slow, deliberate steps, destroying anyone who came across his path. What a glorious night. He had reached the Kage's office, a trail of dead bodies behind him, like cookie crumbs marking the way home. But Ketsueki wouldn't be goin g back home, not after tonight. A lone figure leapt from the sky, try to crash into Ketsueki, the sand caught him and flung him away.

"Stupid." Ketsueki growled at the kazekage. He said nothing and launched three grand fireballs at Ketsueki. Ketsueki rose into the air on his sand, not even coming close to being touched by the sand. "Really Stupid." He said, trying to snare the Kazekage in the sand. It didn't work, and more fireballs came at Ketsueki. "Please...." Ketsueki said after every blow, nothing even fazing him. The batlle continued for a while, Ketsueki did nothing to attack, and the Kazekage grew tired. Ketsueki growled slightly and lifted his hands high. All the sand in a wide vicinity flew into the sky, and was all focused on the Kazekage. The Kazekage was stunned, and died from the impact almost instantly. "Pathetic..." Ketsuki sighed. "No more is he...." The villagers who had hidden heard the commotion end. Ketsueki glared at each one, and used his sand to lift himself over the large walls of Sunagakure. He was a missing nin. A deadly one.
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Ketsueki Kekkon
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