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 Ace [Incomplete]

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PostSubject: Ace [Incomplete]   Ace [Incomplete] Icon_minitimeSun Sep 27, 2009 1:31 pm

Name: (Last Name, First Name)Ace Sanok

Bloodline/Clan: (The clan or bloodline you belong to)blood sand

Kekkai Genkai: (Your characters Kekkai Genkai, if any, EX: Byakugan for Hyuuga)Blood Sand

Age: (be realistic, unless the age is vital to your character)24

Element: (Self Explanatory, you can have one, but learn up to three)Lightning

Village: (This is where you will start your journey)Otogatkure

Rank: (The rank you wish to start of with, this effects your beginning stats)Jounin

Ninja Type: (this effects your stats. State what kind of ninja your character is and he will be given his beginning stats accordingly. Clan effects this too. As Tai hyuuga specialists will be better at Tai than Uchiha Tai Specialists, its best to go with what you know about the clan rather than going against it's roots. When approved, the admin will give you your stats, which will be a fixed number, before your registration is approved, you can discuss your stats with the admin if you want to change them)Ninjutsu Secialist

Appearance: (An Image will suffice, if not, write it down in detail, a picture equals a thousand words you know.)Ace [Incomplete] Suicolor

Personality: (What your character looks like, at least two lines for this)
He has Long somewhat purple hair He is mean,nasty,evil,Kind,and Touching,When he wants to be he is more like a selffish person he dosn't like sharing with anyone else but himself he likes to be alone most of the time ,He likes the cold ,and has a cold hearted personality,Thus this ish Ace Smile

Background: (Your characters past up to this point, two paragraphs of three lines will suffice)Ace was born in Otogatekure He Lived There all of his Life with his Family,He Had A Likeing For sand He always played in it when he was a child he would be playing in a Sandbox in his Back yard he Loved Sand No Wounder he would grow to become a Master Of Blood Sand he Never Knew his Family was Part of The Branch After seeing Then Be Brutaly Killed By Bandits and Hung To death He Laid Near His Dead Parents Who where hung above him he Smirked and Promised to Avvenge then He walked out of the House The Police Was Surrounding it he quickly went out the Back and Into the woods nearby he went in he then began to Harvest Fruits,Nuts,Vegtables and Anything else he could eat he Went back to the House 2 Years later after the Maccacure There he Found something Hidden in the Atic a Huge sword he grabed it it had Unuseual Marking on it he then Walked out he Never Used The sword Due he wasnt Strong enought to Hold up this Sword it was 2 times his Weight He was about 7 Now He then Began Woundereing Though the woods And he had a Camp site set up and Noumous Traps around it allowing him to Fight Off Invaderes he had a Intreast In Medieval Times He Loved It bUt never spoke a word of it he Carried a Book Labels "The Medieval World" In witch he read everywhere.

During this time he was training in combat so he could one day advenge his Family he still stood in the woods everyone thought he was surly dead but they didnt dout a memeber of the Blood Sand Clan but he was wise he had been training so hard that he was already Chunin Level By The time he took the exams he took them in a Very dark forest he had a team he later joined he had Made Friends he considered them family this is one of the Sighting of Him they eventuly One his true power was revealed Mastering Blood Sand And Lightning Element He then Set hes sights to become Jounin he Went to a Dojo where he trained by htis time he had Found a Wayto carry sand on his back he did so much like gaara it was mixed with blood for some reason in a black jar on his back.

Jounin Arc-
Even Though he wasn't seen since The Chunin's they Knew he would Still Appose as a Threat Due to him scoring such high scores in the Chunin's He didnt Give up he was a Cocky person afterall he Enjoyed sand,Odd as it seems but he could do wounderfull things with it Thus,He had Entered the Jounins his Power was Strong Nobody dared to speak to him Round 1 Came and he Brutaly beat his Oppnent So bad he forfeited...The others where Scard except one wasnt This Kid By The name of Kouss He to controlled blood sand his Chakra might have been stronger than his But he certainly defeated him But it was hard In the Finial Moments he Managed to Pull out the victoroy Thus he became Jounin he Hoped To become kage at htis Rate he was Even Asked to by Village Officals to take on there current kage.

RP Sample: (C Level Ninja (Chunin) and above need this, Genin and D rank Missing Nin do not.

Ace was in a Unfimliliar Area of Otogatekure he Stood tHERE,In the Middle with a Black Pot on his Back he Usualy wore Rhobes for they where Nice and Comfortable It was Snowing now and it felt Cold his Hands were freezeing he Just stood Their nothing much was happening so he started to walk...walk forward into the white snow before him,He Paused his breath was visable from the air he was angry that he got lost in such a place he then procced further into the white snow,he was looking for a place to stay untill Night had passed so he could began finding his way back he looked around nothing was There in sight atleast nobody just..Dead it seems he wasnt afraid though,Actualy he was happy that he was alone he wasn't happy much but at the times he was people took advantage of it,Usualy not all the time,Well he was marching though the snow none was arond it was begining to turn cold even though he liked the cold he didnt enjoy it at this certain Moment so he walked it was about night now not a house in sight he keep marching hoping somewhere ahead would have shelter and what do ya know?There was a place[incompleate]
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PostSubject: Re: Ace [Incomplete]   Ace [Incomplete] Icon_minitimeThu Oct 01, 2009 6:04 pm

Approved. Placing you in groups and generating stats
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Ace [Incomplete]
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