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 Konohagakure Village Report

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PostSubject: Konohagakure Village Report   Konohagakure Village Report Icon_minitimeSun Sep 27, 2009 8:54 pm

Konohagakure Village Report

The Land of Fire

Konohagakure Village Report 100px-11

Konohagakure (木ノ葉隠れの里, Konohagakure; Literally meaning "The Hidden Leaf Village"), or Konoha for short, is one of the five great ninja villages, and said to be the mightiest of the five. As such, it is one of five villages with a Kage as its leader, known as the Hokage. On a mountain overlooking the villages from the north exists the Hokage Monument. The village resides in the Land of Fire. Although Konoha, much like the country in which it resides, has been peaceful for the past sixteen years, and has grown accustomed to that peace, it remains one of the most powerful villages in existence, and has great military power and influence.

Leader: Hokage; Uchiha Sasru

Important Clans: The Uchiha Clan

Leader Building: Hokage Mansion

Standard of Living: Excellent

Weather: Konoha's weather is very warm, and it mainly stays the same the whole year round, warm tropical weather. Many periods are of excessive rain making things cooler, however; still humidly stiff.

History: (The Kage can fill this up)

Number of RPC members: 3


Uchiha Sasru


Rioken Nara

Uchiha Chiba


Academy Students:

Missing Nin:
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Konohagakure Village Report
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