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 Sunagakure Village Report

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Hikari Anna

Hikari Anna

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PostSubject: Sunagakure Village Report   Sunagakure Village Report Icon_minitimeSun Sep 27, 2009 9:01 pm

Sunagakure's Village Report

The Land of Wind

Sunagakure Village Report 100px-10

Sunagakure (砂隠れの里, Sunagakure; Literally meaning "The Hidden Sand Village") is the hidden village of the Land of Wind. As one of the five great ninja villages, Sunagakure has a Kage as its leader known as the Kazekage. The ninja from this village seem to specialize in Wind Release techniques and the Puppet Technique. Shinobi from Sunagakure believe that the accomplishment of a mission predominates the lives of the ninja trying to accomplish it.

Leader: Kazekage; Hikari Anna

Important Clans: The Hikari Clan

Leader Building: Kazekage Mansion

Standard of Living: Very High

Weather: Very Windy. Snow stays only about a month in the ground. It has a very mild temperature, consisting of cool winters and hot summers, though the constant wind makes for a very comfortable summer climate. It rains often enough, though not as much as Kiri.

History: (The Kage can fill this up)

Number of RPC members: 4


Hikari Anna


Ketsueki Kekkon

Uchiha Kazika
Uchiha Kemono


Academy students:

Missing nin:
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Sunagakure Village Report
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