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 Ketsueki's personality development, Regret: Travelling home.

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Ketsueki Kekkon
Ketsueki Kekkon

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Ketsueki's personality development, Regret: Travelling home. Left_bar_bleue1800/1950Ketsueki's personality development, Regret: Travelling home. Empty_bar_bleue  (1800/1950)
Ketsueki's personality development, Regret: Travelling home. Left_bar_bleue5400/5851Ketsueki's personality development, Regret: Travelling home. Empty_bar_bleue  (5400/5851)

Ketsueki's personality development, Regret: Travelling home. Empty
PostSubject: Ketsueki's personality development, Regret: Travelling home.   Ketsueki's personality development, Regret: Travelling home. Icon_minitimeTue Sep 29, 2009 9:32 pm

A lone figure passed solemnly through the forest of the Land of Water, ewll rather, the border, he was heading home, it had'nt been long since he had attacked and almost destroyed the village, he felt a something he had never felt before. He had no trouble killing others, and enjoyed it most of the time, but ever since he did what he did, he had a strange sensation gnawing on his stomach. His eyes were focused on his feet, watching each step, one after the other, not particuarly paying attention to anything around him. In his left hand, he gripped his old headband tightly, with the mark of the Sand Village on it. He trudged slowly through the forest, the mud splashing against his shoes, some hitting his ankles. He didn't care, he just wanted to go home.

The further Ketsueki travelled, the more fear he experienced, it wasn't fear of being hurt, no, he didn't feel that kind of fear. He feared at what he would find when he went home. During his bloodlust, he didn't pay any attention to the hurt he was causing to his own people, the betrayel he had made them go through, the suffering he caused. It was what he had to do to get recognized in this world otherwise his cause would be a lost one, with noone carign about what he had to say, he had to do that, but did he go too far in his madness? He would find out when he got home, and he would pay for what he had done and the pain he had caused. He remembered the old Kage, apparently he had stepped down not long after Ketsueki left, leaving someone else to take over, despite what he was feeling at the moment, he wanted to meet this person, see what the new Kage was like, and see how good they were at Suna's politics.

Ketsueki was nearing the edge of the forest, he could see the edge now, he ankles caked in sloshy mud. He could see the light now, he was almost out, but yet, he didn't want to leave, that strange feeling constantly gnawing at his stomach was still there, so was the fear. He moved sluggishly, showing no signs of haste, almost dragging his feet through the wet mud. That was when he was attacked.

Two ninjas leapt from above the trees, they didn't seem too powerful, they obviously decided that a kid - teenager of Ketsueki's age was an easy target, easy mistake to make with some huge consequences. they leapt down, brandishing a sword each, throwing a kunai with their spare hands. Obviosuly a diversion, Ketsueki tilted his head, the Kunai missing his face, and lifted his left leg, having that miss too. Now, the two ninja had flickered behind him with the Shunshin No Jutsu. Pfft. Useless. In one swift movement, Ketsueki spun, yanking the cork off of his gourd, the sand poured out, streaming in front of him, turning rock hard and blocking the sword hits. Pitiful. In another quick movement, he held one kunai, bending low, jumping up, through the sand, having it go soft as he passed through. He went to stab one in the chest, but he stepped back. Ketsueki was a little off the air now, a spare hand to manouvre with. With this, he flicked the kunai hand, sending it at the other ninja, and jammed two fingers down the one he had attempted to stab's throat. He then pulled them out, and that ninja threw up, leaving Ketsueki to promptly knee him in the face. Worthless. he had fallen over, having a broken nose as his trophy. Ketsueki landed and stomped on taht very same face three times. The second ninja came from behind again, fainting a side swipe, and going for a down to up slice, tricking the sand, Ketsueki turned around, ready to face this one, and saw a sword about to meet his face, he leant back, limbo style, leaving his stomach exposed, but still alive, the gourd tapping his backbone, he couldn't go any further, at this point, he unstrapped the gourd, it landed on the now unconscious ninja, the rest of the sand zooming over his head, blocking another strike. this was tiresome. In a fluent movement, he did a backwards walkover with one hand, making half a tiger seal with the other. the sand ensnared this ninja from the neck down, and imploded, crushing him, killing him. Ketsueki got no enjoyment from this. Odd. Ketsueki turned around and stomped on the uncounscious ninja one more time, he'd have a nasty surprise when he left.

Ketsueki soon left the forest, on his way to Sunagakure.
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Ketsueki's personality development, Regret: Travelling home.
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