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 Death Seal

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PostSubject: Death Seal   Death Seal Icon_minitimeMon Oct 05, 2009 12:00 pm

Name: Death Seal

Appearance: Death Seal Death_10

Level One Activation: When Activated the seal spreads in a spiral motion, this resembles a black hole. Increases Chakra

Level Two Activation: When activated to stage two transformation, the users turns gray and a copy of the curse seal appears on the users forhead. Bone like shin pads will appear on the users legs and finally when fully activated two gargoyle like wings bust out of the users back. Increases Speed and Charkra

Boosts: When activated the death seal prevides a 50% speed boost allowing the user to become faster. Chakra is also boosted but only by 30% reson for this becasue seal requires 30% of the user chakra to activate so the seal replaces the lost chakra.

Techniques: Lightning Spear- This technique is a modified version of the lightning blade technique. The differences being the chakra turns to a gray colour while it evevlops the whole arm. (Must Be In Stage Two)
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Death Seal
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