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 Roleplaying Rules

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Ketsueki Kekkon
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PostSubject: Roleplaying Rules   Roleplaying Rules Icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 7:41 pm

Figting Rules:
No GMing. This means doing an impossible action, e.g, flickering in Mid-Air.
No Auto-Hitting e.g I punch you in the face mutilating horribly.
You need a Valid RP reason to attack and kill someone, this is to prevent random killing.
Follow post order in groups with two or more posters.
Read your opponents post fully befre replying, Arguments make things look dirty. Discuss it in CB NICELY.
Substitution is a once per fight technique.
If in 48 hours, your opponent doesn't reply, They have left, you may post your victory, or continue the fight (if it is a group battle)
Edit your stats (Chakra, Health etc) after your post, then your opponent will edit theirs after their post etc.

Chakra Rules:
E Rank Jutsu only cost 50 Chakra to use
D Rank Jutsu cost 100 Chakra to use
C Rank Jutsu cost 200 Chakra to use
B rank Jutsu cost 350 Chakra to use
A Rank Jutsu cost 400 Chakra to use
S Rank jutsu cost 650 Chakra to use

Damage Rules:
This is based off of a Chunin attack with 3000 in Tai, Nin, and Genjutsu. Scale accordingly to your stats. Naturally, Gentle Fist won't cause much physical harm, unless striking organs, as it focuses on mainly chakra and destroying your opponents chance to use Jutsu, so remember what kind of technique you and your opponent is using and edit your stats accordingly.
E Rank Jutsu: 20 HP
D Rank Jutsu: 150 HP
C Rank Jutsu: 250 HP
B Rank Jutsu: 350 HP
A Rank Jutsu: 500 HP
S Rank jutsu: 650 HP

Stat Training Rules:
Ok, so you want to train your stats and level up right? Ok, here we go.
Upgrading Tai/Nin/Gen/Ken via stat training
For one line of training, you gain 8 stat points in the category you were training in. (This does not include Training for Jutsu)
Gaining Tai/Nin/Gen/Ken in a via fighting and via jutsu training
Fights count for this rules too. Per line in a fight, you gain 3 Stat points to train how you wish. This is to be edited after the fight.
Jutsu Training counts too for this as well, with 4 stat points per line.
Health and Chakra Training

Health and Chakra training increase too. however you can't train these stats. During any form of training, you get 3 points per line to use per line on either stat!

Multiple stat training
It is possible to train more than one stat at once. This only applies to normal stat training, and not jutsu, as it does not affect that. For an extra stat you train, halve the number of stat points you give said stat. e.g
You train Genjutsu and Taijutsu for 6 lines. That is 4 points per line, as you trained two stats. So you can increase your Genjutsu and Taijutsu by 4X6 which is 24points.
Gaining EXP
To gain EXP, you must fight in a battle. To level up, you need 250 EXP. Here are the values for EXP:
Practice Fights:
Win = 50 EXP
Draw = 35 EXP
Lose = 20 EXP
In RP Fights
Win = 70 EXP
Draw = 50 EXP
lose = 35 EXP (Only if you aren't dead)

When you level up, you get 1500 Stat Points to spend how you wish on Tai/Gen/Nin/Ken. That is for Tai and Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.
You get 1000 Chakra/health points to spend how you wish on Chakra/health.
EXP Carries over to the next level.

Character Rules:
Make sure your character acts as you described him the registration, or face DEATH.
Your Profile Name must be your characters name, if it isn't, please specify your characters name in your Signature.
General Rping Rules:
A minimum of one full line is neccessary here, no less. This is to ensure at least an ok RP experience for others.
You can't be in two topics at the same time.
Be descriptive in your post.
You can't bunny other people, meaning you can't describe their actions and/or reactions.
Don't do lots of actions per post.
Shadow Clone can be in a different topic, but not a different land, e.g if you are in Land of Wind your clone must also be in land of wind
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Roleplaying Rules
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