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PostSubject: Takimoto-kun   Takimoto-kun Icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2009 5:42 pm

Name: Adenar, Rekkan

Bloodline/Clan: Adenar (will post up)

Age: 17

Element: Wind

Village: Kirigakure no Sato

Rank: Jounin /Legendary Swordsman if possible

Ninja Type: Kenjutsu Specialist

Appearance: Takimoto resembles the Avatar much. Although the avatar only shows his facial futures, it also possesses a very long ponytail that reaches around his waist. He usually wears his Jounin outfit, his bandana being replaced by a headband of his village. His eyes are yellow, which make him be recognize as part of the Yoshitoki clan. Apart from these features, he has nothing else out of the ordinary, maybe possibly a scar or two that he gains throughout missions, but nothing to make a big deal of.

Personality: : Like any matured teenager, Takimoto is a complex individual. His personality has different sides that merge, all in one, to create the being that the shinobi actually is.

The Proud: The Yoshitoki is a very proud individual. If he deeply believes he is right, there is no way around him. Sometimes, even with raw evidence can one find himself not managing to show what is right or what is wrong. For Takimoto, there is his right and his wrong. This can be quite a problem, but the matters of discussion in which he is definitely proud are very specific, enabling his personality's different parts to shine. As a proud person, he forces himself to accomplish his goals and what he promised. If Taki made a promise, he will go to Hell and return if that was what he promised.

A Critical Thinker: A very specific trait of a good ninja. The Yoshitoki is able to create multiple reactions to a specific situation in a very short moment of time, allowing him to give a good fight to his opponent or opponents. With this ability, he has also been known for his skills in strategies and tactics. His heightened senses, provided by his own Kekkei Genkai, make him a Jack of All Trades and a trump card to have in various occasions. However, his emotional side might interfere with his thoughts.

Emotional and Showing It: Takimoto is a very particular ninja. Although he knows how to be professional, his fuse explodes when his closest ones are harmed. To be honest, the Yoshitoki appreciates friendship and loyalty, having those values in a very high pedestal. With the sin of being proud, this emotional state is more visible. Although not easily angered or annoyed, when such a thing occurs, he will most likely rage on the person in question, not giving a damn about repercussions. This trait is also visible in specific occasions and situations, depending on the events at hand.

The Joker: No, not to be taken literally. Takimoto likes jokes and all, but "The Joker" represents his fighting style. He likes to toy with his opponents, making himself the predator and his enemy the prey. He fights based on submissive maneuvers and quick hits to injure and cuss his prey before the final cut, the curtains fall. Takimoto is keen on torturing his enemies both physically and mentally, playing with these two forms back and forth. Although his actions look random and childish, Takimoto is full aware of what he is doing. He might pop a Genjutsu out of nowhere or simply pretend to use one. Nothing is certain with this shinobi.

The Lust - Another strong characteristic of Takimoto's personality is the sin of Lust. When he craves for something, he tries every possible way to reach it. Although this shinobi does think through the means to reach an end and tries to justify the first with the latter, sometimes he forces himself to make the most vicious and violent of means, if the end justifies it. His own clan's blood is what drives this characteristic. Takimoto bases his actions on instinct and desire, not survival. He will not fight to survive, but because he craves the flesh and blood of his opponent. A true animal, a wolf for that matter.

A Relaxed and Laid Back Character: This is the most "usual" side of Takimoto. Laid back, carefree, not giving a damn about most of the world. The Yoshitoki likes to relax and rest in the wild, enjoying to simply stare blankly at the sky while lying on the fress grass or on a tree branch. Although he does have a particular taste for fighting, this peculiar side of his personality goes against the rest, to be honest. He doesn't get carried away by emotions while relaxed, usually being seen with a very gentle smile and glittering yellow eyes. Like those acquainted to him say, this is most certainly the trait he obtained from his mother.

Polite and Educated: Takimoto's education was crucial in his evolution throughout the shinobi world. The Yoshitoki was taught the basics of education from his mother while taught how to fight by his father. A ninja isn't only muscles and instincts, but brains as well. Being a fast and critical thinker is the main consequence of such an education.

[scratch Yoshitoki and replace with Adenar, I'm too lazy xD]

Background: Takimoto is an Adenar, a killing machine trained to murder. He trained for long years with his father in Kirigakure no Sato until he became a Chuunin, the times in which he began to grow wings of his own. His styles became deadly and known to be those of the level of a Legendary Swordsman.

Now, as a Jounin, the Adenar looks to become something more than a simple tool of war. He craves for more power while in the search of something... Anything that justifies his existence... Until then... He'll become THE tool of war.

RP Sample:

Takimoto was not able to view Sunagakure no Sato in the distance and he could already smell the stench of blood and sweat slipping through his noistrels. His eyes narrowed of intrigue, his mind could only wander what was happening in his home village. Something else took the shinobi's attention. Sand was slowly being dragged by the wind, clouds merging to the West. A sandstorm in the making? Perhaps... Taki sighed, bending his knees as he laid the palm of his right hand on the ground. He clenched it into a fist and rose back up, the grains of sand slowly falling from his fingers as they touched the warm soil once again. There was blood beneath it. The wind must'd probably drag some sand from the village to this very spot. This could be bad... The Yoshitoki stretched his right arm to the side, flicking his fingers to shake off the little grains of sand that got glued to his skin. After that, he clenched his fingers, leaving only his index and middle fingers in a vertical position. The Nuke-Nin brought his right hand to the level of his chest and bent his knees again, chakra being released to his legs.

"Shunshin no Jutsu..." - he whispered, moving instantly towards the Village.

Arriving at the village, Takimoto would witness the horror that he couldn't have ever imagined in his head. What was going on? The Sand's shinobi lost their minds for good?! The Yoshitoki grunted, listening carefully to the havoc that was being created inside. Dark smoke rose up to the skies, creating clouds of sorrow and pain... The stench of Death itself could be noticed even by the inexperienced nose... One could only imagine how someone with heightened smelling was reacting to such a strong odor. A Jutsu, that of the Great Fireball, struck the gates, opening them wide as it continued down its path. Takimoto's yellow eyes grew wider before he leaped to the left, falling on his shoulders and ending in a roll. The chains that held the gates broke from the pins, metal clashing against metal and making a horrid noise that would pierce the "wolf's" ears, generating a powerful echoe in them. His levels of emotion could barely allow him to restrain his senses, he was too attached to this village, to the people that lived in it. Then it hit him... His mother was inside!

Making his way into the village through the gates, Takimoto's surprise continued to grew. When he thought it couldn't get any worse, the countless bodies that were scattered around the alleys and streets of the Hidden Village would change his mind, pierce his heart with simple images... Pools of blood could be seen everywhere, corpses of twelve year olds were hanging from poles and windows. Who was the sick person that could do such a thing?! The shinobi felt a very gentle and soothing breeze strolling around the back of his neck... Eh, this wouldn't fool him. He quickly turned around in a 180ยบ degrees turn to the right, bringing his right forearm up to block a kunai attack from another ninja. A vest... This one was a Chuunin. Not even past fifteen years of age, the teenager's brown eyes showed his fear... The boy's lips were shaking, his kunai was gripped too tight. Takimoto looked deep into the kid, his yellow eyes narrowing further as three wolves came out of the alleys that surrounded the main street. The Chuunin felt a very cold chill down his spin, falling back on his butt.

"Now... You are going to tell me... Everything..." - said Taki, almost as a whisper. His voice's tone did not wither. He still seemed the calm and relaxed Takimoto of before, but something had changed. He had gained some kind of new motivation... Bloodlust... The person responsible for this would pay... Dearly. As for the boy, he didn't waste time to explain, hoping that this Missing-Nin would spare his life.

"P-Please, sir..! I-I'll exp-plain..! It's just th-that... The elders accused some of the most respected Jounins of high treason! Without a leader, there was no way we could solve the situation in a civilized way and... Two factions were simple born from this whole mess... I-I... I was just trying to save the ones I care about..! A-And... You had that headband.... I thought the Elders had you as a trump card or s-something..!"

A missing-nin as a trump card? Well, Takimoto didn't trust the elders enough to imagine them capable of doing so. However, he was not here for that, but to save his mother. He approached with his left hand towards the other shinobi, who closed his eyes. When feeling a warm touch on the top of his head, the Chuunin opened his eyes again, noticing how the Yoshitoki smiled gently at him.

"It's okay... But I want you to do one thing for me, alright?" - the boy nodded - "Good... Assemble your team and everyone you can find and leave. We can't let the Elders have what they want, can we?"

The boy nodded once again, quickly standing up and thanking Takimoto, then flickering and getting out of sight. Now it was time for the Yoshitoki to move to the west side of town, through the same alleys he once walked as a child. However, the smile with which he would arrive at their end in his childhood would be replaced by a stunned expression of his house burning down to ruins. He lost his nerve... Taki fell down on his knees, not being able to hold the tears and screams of pain back. The salty drops slid down his cheeks, falling down to the ground as he punched it the harder he could with his right fist, blood beginning spill from his knuckles. A shinobi couldn't lose his temper. Taught never to feel, never to question... That was the Sunagakure no Sato's way. But not the Yoshitoki's... The "young blood" rose up to stand once again on his feet, whiping his tears with his right forearm and taking a deep breath. There was no point in crying more... The elders wanted a merciless machine, they would have it.

With his eyes set on the Administration Building, Takimoto bent his knees, springing his body forward as he began to sprint through the streets, not caring if he made noise. His heavy footsteps could echoe through the entire village for all he cared, Takimoto would get to that building. However, it wouldn't take long for shinobi that took the elders' side to block the young man's path. From their appearance, especially looking at their uniforms, they were Jounin. Now Taki didn't have a challenge for quite some time, hopefully these two would give him what he wanted. He made a single handseal, crossing both of his hands' index and middle fingers to create the shadow seal.

"Raiton: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu...!" - he whispered, a cloud of smoke veilling his body completely. After very few moments, the cloud dissipated, showing two Takimotos.

The two would instantly skip to opposite directions when their opponents prepared handseals. Focusing their chakra to their feet, the two Takimotos began to run up the walls of the buildings in a diagonal style. However, it seemed that the two Jounin were expecting that. They finished their seals, one firing a ball of fire from his mouth, towards the real Yoshitoki. The ball entered in contact with the wall, which would probably make the two assume that the Yoshitoki was hit. Alas, it wasn't like that. If Takimoto had been hit, his clone would poof. But it didn't. The distraction provided by the cloud of smoke that followed the great fireball managed to make the kage bunshin induced with lightning chakra to make his move, stepping closer to the two shinobi. Startled, one of them sput a ball of water. He had used the Teppodama no Jutsu in pointblank range. However, as the bunshin was harmed, it poofed at the commands of the Missing-Nin. The lightning released from the clone's body was conducted through the water, which had a splash effect and consequently backfired on the two Jounin, who got shocked in the process. That short period of time was enough for Takimoto to make his move. He had hid himself inside the building, going deeper into it as the great fireball approached. It didn't take long for him to wait in the fog, his fingers being veilled by drilling wind chakra. The Yoshitoki flickered back to the ground. Upon his landing, the back of one of the Jounins' neck was ripped off, followed by a deep thrust on the other's spine. Five wind chakra nails had just pierced the spine of that ninja... It was over. Thus, it also began to feel weird that these Jounin were that weak.

Two poofing noises... Henge no Jutsu?!

These weren't jounin at all. They were Gennin, probably not even knew what was the meaning of the word "masturbation". Takimoto grunted. These kids were like simple puppets for those elders. Filthy bastards... Takimoto turned around, facing the Administration Building once again. He ran towards the entrance, stretching his right leg forward and forcing the plant of his right foot against the wide entrance door. It broke in two pieces, one falling immediatly to the ground and the other hanging to the ceiling for instants before falling down on the first piece. Quite a dramatic entrance, wouldn't one say? In any case, the Yoshitoki took his time with careful and meticulous steps through the hallways, going up the stairs as he began to smell something familiar. But what was it? It felt so odd... He continued walking up the stairway, reaching the level of the Elders' Council. He leaned his left ear on the wall, not being able to hear much more than a set of multiple hissing. Strange... The shinobi carefully reached the doorknob with his left hand's fingers, slowly opening the door. Not totally though, it seemed like something was blocking the door. He tried to open it using a slight amount of strength, finally being able to slip his body through. But once again, his eyes were tormented by corpses and blood. This time, the elders had been brutally assassinated. What the hell was going on after all?! He approached the window, his eyes growing wider. Takimoto was witnessing the fall of Sunagakure no Sato, most of the buildings burning as more shinobi could be seen fighting in the rooftops and streets.

Misery, misery... The Village Hidden in the Sand had fallen. The Yoshitoki's heart almost collapsed at this awful sight. Was this the fate of a shinobi who was born in the burning desert? The corpses below would slowly desintegrate as a sandstorm breached the walls of the village. Takimoto turned around, remembering that there was an undeground shelter in his house. By now the fire would have extinguished and he was able to look for the basement shaft. However, when he turned around, the many exploding tags placed there would have his attention. How could he be so careless?

... An explosion...

The Administration Building crumbled, being reduced to ruins. And as the sandstorm settled in the Village Hidden in the Sand, the shinobi hid on the buildings and hoped for it to settle. They would wait for the right time to continue their skirmish. Until then, they would regain their strength and chakra to fight in the next day. And as they did so, there would be no sign of Yoshitoki Takimoto for now.

Like in every story, there is a beginning... And although this seems much like an end...

The Rotting Sand shall be where it all starts!

To Be Continued...
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PostSubject: Re: Takimoto-kun   Takimoto-kun Icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2009 6:07 pm

Approved, for your clan, you may have four swords, you are considered an A rank Jounin, as your registration and clan registration was very good. Putting you in groups and generating stats
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